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Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning Southport


As the approved Dry Fusion cleaning system agent for the Southport area, we would like to give you some details about this system.

What is Dryfusion?
The Dryfusion is a unique heated rotary bonnet carpet cleaning system- with faster cleaning, exceptionally fast drying times and ultra quiet operation.

In one quick and easy application, Dryfusion system cleans, deodorises and protects the carpet.

Clean Better
The Dryfusion system cleans as well as the traditional hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. But in many cases (particularly low profile carpets), it can actually produce better results.

Developed in Australia and Germany the Dry Fusion system gives a new standard of cleaning never before available.

No wetness, the system has it's own heat drying system, it cleans and dries at the same time and has a guaranteed drying time of 30 minutes. The built-in stain protection allows dust and grime to be vacuumed away and spills to be wet wiped away. Dry Fusion offers many benefits, including stain removal, deodorisation, protection and stain blocking.

You do not want to walk on wet carpets once the cleaning has been finished or have to leave the area whilst it drys. You want to be able to immediately use the area again and that is what Dry Fusion gives you.

The area cleaned is bone dry in under 30 minutes and because it is so quiet, hospitals and commercial buildings can all be cleaned during normal business hours.

Carpets Dry In 30 Minutes

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Telephone 01704 505296
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Have 3 Carpets Cleaned

Pay Only For Two - Third Carpet Cleaned for Free
Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning One

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Carpet Cleaning Two

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Carpet Cleaning Three

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Carpet Cleaning Three

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Client Comment

The carpets were cleaned without too much disruption and small furniture was moved by Mr Andrew when necessary.

The dryer was a great asset. This cleaning has brought out the original colours and it feels more bouncy.

Mr. Landers Southport

Client Comment

Excellent results, especially the rug which was badly soiled. Now looks like new.

The rooms smell fresher and look cleaner and brighter.

Mrs. Chilton Southport

Client Comment

Really shocked that all the marks came out of the carpet especially as some stains were oil. Really pleased as I thought I would have to replace the carpet but it looks as good as new now.

Removing all the stubborn stains saved me a fortune by not having to replace carpets, and also Mr. Andrew put a protector over the carpets to ensure that they stay clean longer.

Jayne Parry Southport

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